This is Me…

So, I was recently told that there is no point talking to me unless it’s about a movie. I was shocked, but then I realised it is partly true. But don’t get me wrong, I’m partial to the odd chat and general banter like any other person, I’m just a bit of a film fanatic, and don’t forget about the heights television has reached recently. I think I might even have a stronger inclination towards the Homelands and Modern Familys of todays TV age, but I cannot under any circumstance throw my passion of movies aside.

Besides my incessant babbling on this platform, I really just want to share my opinions on the film and TV shows we consume these days, as it is a true love of mine, I literally would do nothing else all day and night long if I didn’t have to study for my degree or go to work. So, if you don’t watch movies, if you don’t watch TV, or you just can’t stand someone talking for the world, you are reading the wrong blog, but those of you who share my passions, keep reading, I’m sure you won’t get bored.

-Pav x


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