From Le Nurb to…well who knows where, but it sure as hell won’t be watching TV in my pyjamas all day long (err, maybe just my free days) ;)

Photo on 14-03-2015 at 21.57

It may only be a small article in my campus newspaper, but it means a whole lot. I want to write some day, maybe that day is right now, or maybe it is quite a way away yet. All I know is, it will come and it will be so damn awesome and fulfilling, that one day I will be sitting like Mr. Kevin Spacey here, epically looking at my kingdom of creation  (although minus the whole ruthless, bloodied-hands, ‘I want to be the most powerful politician that ever lived, screw the little people’ bit.)  Im kinda nice, so yeah, but don’t be fooled by my cutesy smile, I can go all Spacey on your asses (in my writing of course :D.) So, Watch this space!

– Pav 😉


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