Where has the time gone…

Its summer! And my presence on my own blog has been baffling. Apologies for these delays, but if any of you know the word DISSERTATION then you will know where I have been all these months. Most probably in a dark corner of the library pulling my hair out and stressing intensely to unknown rates. But dissertation is done, as is my status as an undergraduate (well, until I get my results and graduate – fingers crossed), so I have returned to pick up where I left off.

On the agenda for this summer:


1. Pitch Perfect 2 – you know you love the Bellas.

2. Game of Thrones – I FINALLY WATCHED IT, and I am in awe.

3. Jane the Virgin – comedy has found its new niche, the tumultuous hilarity of the telenovela.

4. Dil Dhadakne Do – guilty of loving a few Bollywood flicks, especially this directors works.


1. Most Awaited of 2015

2. Cannes 2015

3. What is Netflix up to these days?

Don’t worry, this is not the end, there will be more, this is just a taster.


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