Inside Out in A Screenshot πŸ‘‡


If you know a kid that didn’t get the strenuous psychological context of being happy, sad, disgusted, fearful or angry, show them this screenshot.

For myself, the emotional value and insightful teachings of Inside Out were understood, but I distinctly recall a young child saying to his mother: ‘sadness is bad, I like joy’ or an abundance of ‘I dont get it.’

So, frankly speaking, Pixar’s latest creation can be enjoyed by all, from animation loving 21 year olds, to the warriors (parents) braving the summer holiday cinema trip, and the finest psychologists of our time, except for the kids for whom it is actually made. Then again I cannot speak for the international volumes of the lower generation, kids these days could be Sheldon Cooper smart, but hey ho…

Spoiler alert, sorry (not sorry), but try to enjoy if you have already booked your tickets.


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